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5 Reasons To Not Remove Malware Manually On Your Own

We frequently are asked whether malware can be manually removed from a computer for free. Can you get inside of your PC and get rid of that nasty malware on your own?

Technically, yes, however I would follow that up with "we wouldn't recommend that!" In this article, we will be looking at five top reasons why investing in a reputable computer professional is a good idea, and why trying to get rid of malware yourself is something you should avoid.

1. What Are You Getting Rid Of?

Even if you can identify what the original threat is, there might be massive amounts of malware that is still on your computer. Trojans, for example, carry other types of malware threats to your computer along with them, or they download them from the Internet, without you knowing about it. Although it is great that you have removed the Trojan, there can still be other malware threats on your computer.

Manually removing multiple malware threats can take a very long time, and it can be extremely difficult to follow the numerous malware threats that set a breadcrumb trail up.

2. The Computer Registry, Not for the Faint of Heart

If you happen to be a computer geek and have spent lots of time reading code and programming then this most likely doesn't apply to you. However, for everyone else, that is why this is at the top of our list.

You would normally uninstall any programs you didn't want from your computer through using your control panel. However, it isn't that easy with malware. In order to manually remove malware, you must enter into the bowels of your computer: The Registry. Although the process isn't that hard, you could end up frying your computer with just a small mistake. It's like tinkering with the computer's DNA, it's best left to the professionals.

3. How Valuable is Your Time?

If you have several simultaneous malware infections, you might have hundreds of registry values, registry keys, and file modifications that you need to locate and remove if you want to manually remove malware.

Although this is a free method, keep in mind that your time is money!

The investment of having an expert handle the situation can end up being a more economical option instead of spending a lot of your valuable time attempting to remove malware manually, and possibly turning your computer into a heavy paper weight.

4. Down the Road

Congratulations! You have just spent four or more hours manually removing a Trojan off of your computer. In addition, you found and removed a backdoor application and adware also. However, what is going to happen tomorrow once the remnants from the Trojan start kicking in and download yet another malware app on your PC? Is your patience really going to stretch that far? Are you going to be up for yet another marathon to remove another viral threat from your computer?

One of the biggest benefits you get from a reputable professional is not only removing malware but also can prevent your computer from getting malware to begin with. So not only will you be able to remove the malware from your computer, but it will be protected in the future as well.

5. Be Smart, Call the Pros

One of the most valuable assets that you have is your computer. It was expensive to buy. Trying to manually remove malware off of your computer is like trying to change your car's brakes. Unless you happen to be an electrician, I'm sure that you would never think of trying to rewire your house's electrical system. You would hire an electrician to handle that for you, right?

Why would your computer be any different? Unless you happen to be a professional or advanced computer user, you should let professionals remove the malware for you. It isn't worth the potential disaster, hassle, and headache of attempting to manually remove malware unless you know exactly what to do.

Although trying to save a couple of dollars can be very tempting by trying to manually remove malware, it usually doesn't benefit the individual who is attempting to do it. You will be banging your head against the wall for a couple of hours, and you could potentially damage your computer, miss other types of malware threats that are on your computer already, and leave yourself vulnerable to getting other infections.

We at Call Posse Computers can and have removed all sorts of malware infections from many computers. Between our state-of-the-art tools and our extensive experience, we can expertly remove any traces of malware that might be lurking in your computer. We can also offer you options for malware prevention, which will give you peace of mind. If you would like us to remove your malware, please contact us today.

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